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A Healing Alternative

to Assist your Soul

Andrea Elizabeth allows for your Soul's Presence to Step Forward and become a Living Being.



Andrea Elizabeth's work is brought in from a deep existence for your Soul's Wellbeing. Each Session is Soul Specific and Accesses the Deepest part of You.  The nuance of each session brings a Soul Provoking Internal Change.  


Reiki Session

1 hour Reiki Session with Andrea Elizabeth


A Reiki session with Andrea Elizabeth is like a massage for your Soul. You will feel untangled and free after each session as the cages of life are cleared and opened up to allow you to settle into your body and to feel free and healed.

Reiki Messages Session

1 hour 30 minute Reiki and Messages Session


Each Reiki and Messages Session with Andrea Elizabeth allows for you to honor your soul's privacy and open up an entire communication with the universe. You will finally be able to understand why you cannot focus and/or feel blocked in any area of your life. Memories, feelings, emotions, issues that kept you unhinged in your life are eliminated and a profound awakening is possible.

Messages Session

1 hour 30 minute Messages Session


Each Messages Session with Andrea Elizabeth allows a conversation with your loved ones who have passed over to the other side as well as any soul or spirit waiting to hear from you. In a safe space,  the Veil between the two world opens and allows Andrea to converse with spirit to allow an easy conversation to take place, which could bring in Healing and Closure for those who have been suffering. 

Andrea Elizabeth, Spiritual Seer uses Reiki as Complementary Medicine ONLY. She does not diagnose, claim to heal anyone and is not held responsible for any misidentified or miscommunication by anyone.  This work is spirit based ONLY with the understanding of said person making an appointment of their own free will.  It is best to come to my sessions drug and alcohol free as I work in clean environment for my soul work. Namaste' 

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