ANDREA HEFFNER - Company Message

"Andrea is an amazing healer.  She is very open and easy to talk to.  I feel comfortable telling her pretty much anything which I think is important to the healing process.  Andrea is very gentle but gets to the root of whatever issue you are dealing with.  My sessions with her have made me feel relaxed, clear and ready to take on things that before seemed scary or impossible.  She really teaches you to tap into your own inner guidance and healer to empower you to be who you were truly meant to be".  

Thank you Andrea!   - Alexandria B.
"Andrea is truly gifted. Her impact on my life was not only transformative during my sessions and my class but has continued to positivley affect my life everyday, even months after. The messages she recieved for me and her insight and intuition has given me much to strive for, reflect upon, and still helps me as I walk my path to my highest self. Her sessions have helped me physically, emotionally and spiritually and I am so grateful the universe lead me to meeting her. I intend to keep in contact with her and return to her for more sessions as long as I am in the area, she has been an invaluable tool in my personal growth. 

Thank you so much Andrea". - Cathryn Perry

"From Reiki sessions/meetups to the healing workshops she offers, I am so grateful to have found Andrea! She is no doubt the best Reiki Teacher I have come across. Her healing powers are tremendous and every time I walk out of a session I feel like a breath of fresh air, as if a huge weight has been lifted. Her intuitive insights and reiki healing have no doubt helped me in dealing with my anxiety and gaining greater clarity on my past, present and future. It is obvious she has the best interest of her clients and their greatest good. She is kind, caring, and extremely trustworthy. I highly recommend her to anyone who could use some healing and guidance in their lives"

- Jena W

After the loss of my dad to a horrible sickness, I suffered tremendous grief for several months. I came to Andrea for help.

She channeled messages from my dad to me. The messages she relayed were accurate to things I was experiencing in my life and true to things my dad would actually say.  These messages were reassuring and helped me accept his death and be at peace.

- Brenda S
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