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Our signature class unites the philosophies of Yin Yoga and Reiki  to provide an experience of total body, mind and spirit transformation. Students hold seated and reclined postures for 3-5 minutes each, offering benefits to the hidden, sometimes-forgotten connective tissues of the body.

At the beginning of the class, Andrea will provide the Yogis with a Reiki Attunement. Reiki Attunements allow the Yogi to open up and allow the life force energy into their space to balance the Yin and Yang of their body. Attunements also assist in opening the chakras to allow the subtle, healing energy to further encourage the body, mind and spirit toward balance and wellbeing. Yogis will also receive Reiki during the sessions to allow for optimal healing during this class if needed.

This combination of movement and energy will provide you with a long lasting energetic healing space until you come  back to the next class. The balancing of the energy along  with the bringing together of the mind, body and soul will create a natural luminescent space of peace and tranquility.

Note: Any Yogi may opt-out of receiving Reiki and Reiki Attunements at any time if they are not comfortable with it.

        YIN YOGA 
Yin Yoga is a passive yet intense practice that stretches and stimulates the connective tissue of the body (mostly the hips, pelvis, and spine).

Yin Yoga can be the balancing practice for the yang style of yoga and everyday life. 

 Utilizing props to help support you in these poses, you will feel gravity take your body where it wants to go without feeling resistance.


   Benefits of 
Yin Yoga

*Feeling calm and balanced

*Regulated energy levels (chi)

*Greater strength

*Improved health

*Stress levels lowered

*Greater stamina

*Flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints

*Slowed signs of aging

*Improved meditation

*Deeper relaxation

*Improved practice of yang yoga 

Reiki is a gentle energy balancing system that induces a state of peace and joy in the body, mind and spirit.

One can think of it as a massage for the soul. It is so relaxing that just one hour of treatment is equivalent to four hours of sleep.

Allowing Reiki in and letting the life force energy flow in and through your space as your practice will give a deeper meaning to each session.

  Benefits of Receiving Reiki  
*Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension

*It accelerates the bodies’ self-healing abilities

*Aids better sleep

*Reduces blood pressure

*Assist with acute and chronic problems and addictions

*Helps relieve pain

*Removes energy blockages

*Adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony

*Assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins


Spirit has been gently guiding me to develop a series of spiritually guided transformative healing movement techniques in a class setting.

Each session is held in a delightful metaphysical healing environment of wellness. These sessions are developed and created with the intention of allowing you to grow and nurture yourself quietly within your wellness space during each session.
As you get stronger in all aspects of yourself, you will literally become restored to perfection. Each one of us has the ability to recreate ourselves each and every moment and with the help of these spiritual techniques you can reset the clock and begin each day anew and become restored to excellence within your Mind, Body and Soul.



Each Spirit Guided Session creates a long lasting spiritual and physical cleansing. During each class extended held Yin poses together with *Reiki  Attunements and Reiki Energy given to each yogi begins a process of cleansing your mind body and soul. It is an uplifting of the sprit of sorts. As you breathe in the life force energy allowing it to trickle into each and every hidden aspect of yourself, the release of each and every pose is a closer step to true mental and physical enlightenment.

This is not a fast paced class. It is an essential sovereign space of love tolerance and health. Believe me, there will be no hurrying going on in these classes. lol

These specialty sessions will weave the Reiki energy within your Yin yoga practice to allow you to go deeper into a relaxation and more blissful state of being. When we are relaxed and stress-free, we are able to restore our natural ability to heal.

Reiki is given to student only if permission if given

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